Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TransWorld Announces New Wakeskate Event

TransWorld Wakeboarding has just announced that it will hold its first-ever Devise and Conquer event. Modeled after several other TransWorld events such as TransWorld’s Skate and Create project, this event will pit teams against each other in a battle to produce the best photos and video in a controlled setting. Multiple wakeskate teams will compete in this controlled setting and the winner, chosen by voters, will get the July cover of TransWorld Wakeboarding.which we’ll be giving away leading up to the event.
On May 11, 2001, you can got to to watch Devise and Conquer videos from each team and vote for your favorite.

If you really enjoy watching wakeskate videos that shred the gnar here is the link to a new movie with Matt Hooker, Nick Taylor, Austin Pastura, Ben Horan, and Andrew Pastura called "More Than Machines". This movie is available online as a digital download for $10 here. This film shows the continued progression that is taking place in the insane world of wakeskating. Below is the trailer to "More Than Machines".

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