Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rope Ducking Illegal in the State of Washington

Rope-Ducking can now Cost up to $1000 in Washington:

Crossing from a ski area to a roped-off or out-of-bounds area will no longer just get your pass pulled in the state of Washington, it can cost you money and gain you a criminal record. Bill 5186 was passed April 6 making rope-ducking a misdemeanor and up to a $1000 penalty.

The vote passed with 43 in favor, 5 opposed and 1 not voting.

John Kircher, president and general manager of Crystal Mountain, and Paul Baugher of the Northwest Avalanche Institute, brought the bill to senate. Kircher and Baugher did so out of safety concerns for skiers and snowboarders.

Currently, legal action on ski hills is limited to civil action, but ski patrol might soon have the ability to hand these tickets out.

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  1. N.J. is following the trend of passing laws for the safety of skiers and snowboarders....

    A new law is now requiring minors to wear helmets while riding.